Parquet – “Cassero” installation (regular and irregular)

In the regular “Cassero” Installation parquet, the single elements are posed arranging them by their length side, so the head-joints are in the same and constantly position.

In the irregular “Cassero” Installation parquet, is also known as “tolda di nave” or commonly “posa a correre”. In this pattern, the single elements are installed as the head-joints are disposed in completely irregular position. All the single elements can also be of different length. This geometry installation creates an asymmetric effect, unique, in fact nowadays is the most popular.

The “cassero” installation (regular or irregular) can be use in diagonal or parallel direction to the walls. Our advice is always to verify that the walls are not off balance: if they are, the elements are generally posed 45° or 30° inclined compares to the walls, in order to hide any possible imperfections. The diagonal pose allows to make the spaces optical wider.

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