Oiled Parquet or lacquered Parquet? Here how to choose between the two solutions.

The choice of your parquet is not just about the color shade and the wood species, but it also involved a third dimension: the finish. Its main purpose is to protect the parquet from external aggressive agents, but also to confer the color shade that you love to the wood.
Despite there are a lot of products on the market, the finishes are reduced to just these two options: OLIED PARQUET or LACQUERED PARQUET. Here a comparison of the two:


The lacquered parquet is more resistant against the stains and the scratches, but they are visible over the time. The wood varnish create a superficial film less or more transparent, that can last between 10 to 20 years depending on the wood wear: along this period the floor can be treated with exceptional maintenance products, making the finish more sparkling, extending the parquet life. The varnish makes the wood flooring extremely resistant and more practical to clean: when, over the years, a sanding process becomes necessary, a specialized artisan will sand down the parquet removing the old varnish, in order to spread a new coat layer that will keep the floor new even for the next generation.


The oiled parquet requires more maintenance, but if periodically treated with special products, the floor will always be bright and scratch-free, with no needing of a second sanding.
Compares to the varnish, the oil does not cover the surface, but it is absorbed by the wood fibers, allowing preservation of the aesthetic features of the wood and, the most important, its natural color. Over the time, an oiled parquet assumes a long-lived look and the deep oil absorption confers to the floor brightness and warmth.
The oiled parquet maintenance doesn’t require a wood expert, as it can be done at home with the specific maintenance products.

There is no best choice between the two, each of one has peculiar finishing and virtues, the point of view is always very subjective, and it really depends from each one expectation for their house: the lacquered parquet is more handy maintenance, the oiled parquet gains over the time extraordinary beautiful features.

And you, which one of the two finishing do you prefer? Oiled parquet or lacquered parquet? Discover our Standard Parquet and Made in Italy parquet collections.

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