February 2019: MEG Trading has landed in Dubai

A travel in the city of opportunities

30 years ago in Dubai there was just the desert and, under that, an ocean of petrol.
Nowadays Dubai is the capital of the shopping, luxury hotels and fashion restaurants: the city host the most amazing skyscrapers and extravagant hotels that are real engineering and architectural masterpieces.
It is a very young city with a futuristic skyline worthy of a modern metropolis. Its ancient culture, so different from our, it is so charming: Dubai is magical place, where history and modernity melt together, local traditions are very deep in their culture even if the modernity calling is strong.

Dubai is a work in progress city, where the challenge with the world is continuously: the goal is the best and this is never enough. It’s a place where the future goes through giant financial capitals, but also through a lot of inclination to do, a willing to believe and to facilitate investors and employers.

That’s why we chose Dubai…

We have chosen Dubai as our first step in the international market where to invest and to believe. As our daily work in the wooden flooring field follow the same inclination to do, to invest and the same determination as this amazing city, even we are Italian. We raise our head to look forward and we keep to believe and to invest for our future and for MEG future.

MEG Trading is involved in the parquet market in Italy. Well, not actually just in the wooden flooring, but it is accompanied by a wide selection of laminated flooring, vinyl flooring and combined accessories.
The wooden flooring is our passion and our real vocation. This is the reason why we also create our own internal wood joinery, thanks to it we produce a luxury Made in Italy floor, that you recognize in our catalogue as Deluxe and Barolo wooden flooring collections. For Dubai we took a further step…

DeluxeCollection realized by our joinery with recovered wood, artisanal Made in Italy parquet

In Dubai we inaugurated our

Download MEG Project PDF

We realized a wide range of “customized” products in order to meet of a demanding and curious, who wants to dare and experience new solutions. There are no limits to the imagination, everyone of us can personalize his home and with specific solutions on request.
Everyone of us is unique and the place where we live is a version of ourselves.

The first specialized retailer for MEG Project is in Dubai

Dubai seemed a good start stepping stone for our new collection, indeed to say we weren’t wrong: on February, our trip to Dubai was dictated by the priority to lead a product training to the sellers of the first foreign retailer who trusted us (CASAMIA BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING PVT LTD, street 2A, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE, www.casamiauae.com) , who welcomed our brand to his luxurious showroom and embraced what our project actually is: MEG Project.

Casamia Building, street 2A, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE
30323 – DUBAI – UAE


We are very proud we reached this goal, clearly, we are talking of a small first step to a direction that will take a lot of work and dedication, after all hard work never scared us


That’s all from Dubai, stay tuned for the next challenge

Andrea Rota
Founder & CEO
MEG Trading srl

and much more…



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