Vinyl Wood 180R Collection

Vinyl Wood 180R is an evolved vinyl floor that combine the practicality of pvc to the new production techniques of stability, resistance and durability over the time. The class of resistance 33/42 allow to the Vinyl Wood 180R to be installed in several environment, from the simplest residential to the most complicated commercial space with intense foot traffic. This vinylic floor, not being supported with a mat, is suitable for both floating and glued installation; this last is requested for vertical covering. The wood effect finishes have the same effect as the parquet, but with the plus of an extremely humidity resistance, that make it suitable for installation even in the ground floor, basements and in street level shops. The RIGID CORE support enables the Vinyl Wood 180R to be installed even on the ceramic flooring with a drain up to 3/4mm, without to underline imperfections over the time.

Vinyl Wood Monarch SP Collection

Vinyl Wood Monarch SP combines the SILENT PRO mat to the most contemporary vinyl composition: this underfloor is supplied directly incorporated into the plank and it allows to adopt a click- down joint application system, making the installation very simple and fast. The wood effect finishes create warm and modern environments, but at the same time very easy to clean with a high foot traffic with the class of resistance of 33. Vinyl Wood Monarch SP is provided at an extremely competitive and affordable price.

Vinyl Wood Maxi Collection

Vinyl Wood Maxi is the crown jewel of the MEG Trading vinyl flooring collections. Thanks to its particularly structure composed of pvc in the top part, WPC core and incorporated cork mat, this product has become the ideal solution for the most several use. The installation of this particular vinyl floor is made both in domestic and commercial environment, granted the resistance even in elevated foot traffic situation like hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, shopping center and more. The extremely important dimension of the stave, together with the embossed in register in every décor, make this product unique even under the aesthetic aspect; the triple format in the natural color is the highlight that complete the offer of a material which spares no comparison.

Vinyl Tile Monarch SP Collection

Vinyl Tile Monarch SP is an innovative product create following the elevated qualitative standard that make the floor contemporary and in line with the most recent technologies.
The pvc décor, supported and paired to a modern underfloor SILENT PRO, allows to install the vinyl without any mats in advance, obtaining at the same an excellent noise abatement of 22 decibel. The class of resistance 33, make the installation appropriate for high foot traffic environment. The concrete effect and the big format 46,5x94cm, allow to the Vinyl Tile Monarch SP to become a great alternative to the porcelain tile, especially thanks to the really tiny thickness of 5mm. A fundamental plus of Vinyl Tile Monarch SP is given to the rapidity of installation made by click, without the need to use any kind of bonding agent.


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